A winter walk into the Lycian Highlands

We were blessed with the bright clear weather which can frequently make winter walking in Lycia a pleasure. Our trek started from the pass of Kuruova at 1560meters high. We descended on forest tracks lined with Cedar and Juniper, the fresh smells like a soap powder advert. Passing some massively wide oak trees we find the track snake-ing it's way into the Kibris canyon, a nature reserve compelete with Caracal and Ibex. we crossed a slightly exciting wooden bridge over the canyon, water rushing below. What goes down must go up, and we climbed the other side of the valley to the village of Sutlegen ( means Milk Tray, or Euphorbia) to The coffee shop of the Ucar family for tea and the loca

From seat of the Dynasts to the seat of the Oracle. A normal journey along the Lycian Way.

From the rocky outcrop of Trysa, the rulers of Central Lycian could look down on their dominion, with views to the Gelodonya cape in the east to the sound of Kekova in the south to Phellos, the next major city in the west. At the height. At the height of their wealth, as a part of the Persian empire, the ruling family built the 'Heroon', a hero's tomb. This grand mausoleum was on the high ridge of Trysa, a walled sanctuary, the upper stones of the walls were decorated with some of the finest friezes anywhere. Made up of 152 plates, the friezes tell stories of the great myths from Odysseus to Bellerophon, rider of Pegasus, slayer of the Chimera, from whom the Lycian Dynasts claimed descen

Another day in the office ( Walking along the Lycian way)

Today we spent the day walking the lovely lycian way from our office to Ufukdere, in order to update our self guided tours route notes, which are now pictorial as well as textual, along some of the most rugged sections of the route. The weather forecast was woeful, so we had all our wet weather gear. We were followed by a companionable dog, who we named Karamel, who faithfully followed us all the way. When we got to the end he was not willing to get in the car, so we drove slowly enough so he could follow us all the way back to Kas! We were extremely lucky with the weather and only got rained on very little. #Kas #lycianway #trekking

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