Walking the Strawbery Ridge. Asar to Phellos. A trek on the Lycian Way.

The south coast of Turkey differs from the western Aegean coast in that while the Aegean is made up of lines of hill perpendicular to the sea, with the warm maritime air drifting up the valleys far inland, on the southern coast, the mountain run parallel to the sea, making a very sharp divide between the narrow coastal strip and the continental climate zones only 15 km inland. With the sun bleaching the south faces of the mountains, the norther faces are cooler and damper, in the Kaş area of Lycia, the southern slopes covered with spiny maquis shrubland or red pines, the northern slopes are frequently covered with Arbutus andrachne, known as the 'Strawbery Tree' due to it's red fruits and s

Second Spring on the Lycian Way

Lycia, known by the Hittites as the Land of Light (Lukka - Lux in Latin)ends it's long hot summer with a spectacular storm, bringing much needed water to the parched soil. The first storm usually comes in October always accompanied by spectacular fork lightening and this year by a few destructive tornadoes! After the rains the seeds germinate and the plants that have braved the summer, dormant under the soil sprout, the red soil becoming a green carpet in a matter of days. The first harbinger of the 'second spring' is the Cyclamen which sprout from the in the rockiest ground. Today we walked from Bayindir Village, following the Roman road which which followed the least steep route between

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