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Lycian Way section Apollonia - Aperlai- Kekova. 12km.

This trek takes you from the rugged hinterland down to the rugged coast, following the old route between the ancient cities of Apollonia and Aperlai, ans then following the coast to Ucagiz, once known as Timiussa, both names meaning 'Three mouths', referring to the three entrances to the wide but narrow bay.

Aperlai was a tiny Lycian port city that became more important during the Roman period when it may have been used as a military harbour, once Pompey the Great had cleared away the pirates who infested the area, who even had the nerve to take Julius Caesar hostage.  perhaps he was held here?

The track is easy on the lungs but is rocky indeed.  There are some finely shaped limestone columns naturally formed by the erosion of the area that you walk through.

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