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Lycian Way Section.  Hoyran - Kapakli - Simena 12km.

This part of the Lycian Trail follows the relatively gentle coastline on a good but at times rocky path.  Leaving the charming village of Hoyran with ot's ow remains you are rewarded with fine views all the way from Aperlai to Gelidonia point including the bay of Andriake.

Descending to the productive village of Kapakli with greenhouses producing tomatoes, peppers and courgettes. before picking up the footpath through the thick maquis before arriving at the perfect picnic spot, Gokkaya bay.

Following along the coast from here you arrive at wide plains overlooked by Genoese fortifications before scaling the sarcophagus strewn ridge of Simena castle, surely one of Turkey's most treasured spots.

The village of Simena is not connected to the road network and is heavily protected from development.  Roman and Lycian remains litter the village.

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