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Lycian way section from Gey to Sidyma via Bel 11km.

Lycian Way map from Gey to Sidyma via Bel

The section from Gey departs the village through terraced stony fields, used until recently for the production of Tobacco, now used for wheat.  There is a very narrow section with views down to the sea far below, before the climb to Bel, the pass (Bel means pass it Turkish).

From Bel, a climb into a beautiful pine lined meadow before walking on a Roman road to the pass above. 

The descent to the ancient city of Sidyma is gentle and has views up mt Akdag, the Lycian Mt. Blanc.

The site of Sidyma is charming the Roman period, town is nestled in the village of Hisar ( Dodurga).

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