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Lycian Way Section.  Hacioglan - Phellos. 16km.

This section of the Lycian Way start of at the confluence of 2 valleys, one with Saribelen at it's head, the other Gokceoren.  The two stream meet and go into the steep and impenetrable Derekoy canyon.  Before the canyon the trekking route climbs up form the valley on clear footpath through 'Strawberry Tree' forest, Arbutus andrachne with it's sometimes bright red or yellow waxy bark, and in December bright red berries of the edible fruit decorate the landscape.  

The track follow abandoned terraces connection a few cottages eventually rising to over 1000 meters where the first Lebanese Cedars of the Lycian Way (Cedrus libani) can be seen.

Descending on an ancient road, there is a final steep climb to the Ridge of Phellos, overlooking the plain of Cukurbag.  From here you can see the sea, and investigate the mysterious unexcavated remains of Phellos.  The first building you come across is a mosaic covered villa, before the splendid heroon complete with larger than life bull relief.   The path contines to visit some cistern and then comes to the Agora, the marketplace of the town, built high giving splendid view inland.  Descending into the scrub again we pass countless Lycian Sarcophagii before descending out of the site of Phellos.

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