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The Lycian Way from Istlada to Andriake 10km.

This fairly gentle section of the Lycian way takes you from the virtually unknown, unexcavated and even unsignposted Lycian city of Istlada.  Never a huge city Istlada does have a wonderful feeling of almost being recently abandoned the street that goes up the valley is strangely reminiscent of teh famous 'Uzun Carsi' ottoman street in Kas, with shops and bars.  There are many sarcophagus and a very visible collection of Byzantine period churches built close together, along with many vaulted stores similar again to the buildings round the harbour of Kas.

Istlada has recently been included on the Lycian way, so is well and freshly marked.  Leaving Istlada you follow a series of valleys before nearing the sea below the village of Kapakli.  Here you descend to the beautiful untouched beach known as Cakil ( pebble) before approaching the sandy expanse of Cayagzi 'River mouth'  Here you must cross a little wooden bridge, where you can turn left to go to the Oracle of Sura, or right to the harbour of Andriake.

Andriake was the harbour of Myra, one of Lycia's largest cities, eventually becoming the capital in the early Byzantine age.

On arrival at Andriake, make sure to visit the newly opened Museum of Lycian Civilisations, which is housed inside the Granary of Hadrian.  The swampy remains of this Roman harbour are a great place for bird-watching, in you are lucky a Flamingo may be in residence.

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