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The Lycian Way Section Saribelen - Gokceoren 14km.

Connecting the 2 important villages of Saribelen ( old name Sidek) and Gokceoren (old name Seyret)this section of the Lycian way rises firts from the Kalkan - Elmali highway up a lovely path past some guge hollow plane trees (Plantanus orientalis) up to an area of conglomerate rock worn by the wind and rain to some lovely cotton ball shapes.  The path contines to rise to give magnificent sea viewsall the way back to Baba dagi mountain near Fethiye, past patara beach, Kalkan and the Greek islands of Ro and Castelorizzo, the farthest east part of Greece.  There are some very ancient remains probably from the Archaic period, particularly intersting is a proto-arch tomb beside the forest road.  Before the path starts to descend to Gokceoren there are more and very substantial remains, again of a great vintage.

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