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The Lycian way from one ancient city to another.

Istlada, one of the ancient cities who's name we knew but had never visited. There are 100s of little ancient settlements in this area, many of them are not even named. Istlada had a name but for some reason we had never visited it. WE like to use our less bus time at Amber Travel, ( Winter time) discovering new places and keeping our passion for trekking and travel fresh, the challenge to come up with a good walk every single week, that most of the local residents of Kaş have not done before gets harder every week, but it really keeps the mind fresh. Though not on the Lycian way, Istlada is very close to it, so a few days before, I went out with my long suffering mountain bike and went to find it. It was a surprisingly large site, well built houses, the usual crop of sarcophagi and a small Byzantine church. I found a curcuitus track that joined up perfectly to the Lycian Way below Kapaklı.

With the group, we walked from Istlada to the beach of Andriake, now home of the Museum of Lycian Civilisations, sited in a massive granarium, built in the time of Hadrian. Please have

a look at the video, kindly filmed and put together by Curt Bidinger!

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