On The Lycian Way. Delikkemer - Yali Point - Patara. The path less traveled!

While almost all trekkers who visit Patara walk the Lycian way to Delikkemer via the aqueduct, few people take the long way round, via Vali point. In some ways this is not the best of treks due to the prevalence of trekking on the forest roads, the views that you are awarded as you trek are a treat. From Delikkemer you descend past the striking turquoise of Firnaz bay, to the rocky coastline hiding many coves perfect for a dip. As you climb up the hill above Patara the views improve all the way back to see the Greek island of Castelorizzo, to the rocky promontory of Yalı Burun ( Mansion Point) itself. On the decent, you see the ancient and vast city of Patara from above, which gives you some understanding of the vastness of this Roman Capital of the Lycians. The swamps were once a great harbour, the column lined streets leading to the Lycian parliament chamber are clear to see. We walked at the end of January and were rewarded with quite the most spectacular display of Anemones that we have ever seen. Add to this a few rare orchids ( Not positively identified yet)and a cup or tea in Patara, the day was a perfect 14.5 km. There were many Turkish families out having picnics, sitting among the flowers, enjoying the sun at the birthplace of the Sun god!

#flowers #seaviews #history #lycia #lycianway #trekking #winter #anemone #orchid #patara #delikkemer #hiking #turkey

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