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Another day in the office ( Walking along the Lycian way)

Today we spent the day walking the lovely lycian way from our office to Ufukdere, in order to update our self guided tours route notes, which are now pictorial as well as textual, along some of the most rugged sections of the route. The weather forecast was woeful, so we had all our wet weather gear.

We were followed by a companionable dog, who we named Karamel, who faithfully followed us all the way. When we got to the end he was not willing to get in the car, so we drove slowly enough so he could follow us all the way back to Kas! We were extremely lucky with the weather and only got rained on very little.

Lycian way Ufakdere trek

Lycian way views to Greek Island

Just before Coban Plaji on the Lycian way

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