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From seat of the Dynasts to the seat of the Oracle. A normal journey along the Lycian Way.

From the rocky outcrop of Trysa, the rulers of Central Lycian could look down on their dominion, with views to the Gelodonya cape in the east to the sound of Kekova in the south to Phellos, the next major city in the west. At the height. At the height of their wealth, as a part of the Persian empire, the ruling family built the 'Heroon', a hero's tomb. This grand mausoleum was on the high ridge of Trysa, a walled sanctuary, the upper stones of the walls were decorated with some of the finest friezes anywhere. Made up of 152 plates, the friezes tell stories of the great myths from Odysseus to Bellerophon, rider of Pegasus, slayer of the Chimera, from whom the Lycian Dynasts claimed descent. The finest remains were taken to Vienna in 1882, where unfortunately they are not displayed. Our walk took us from the ridge of Trysa down the ancient road to Sura, home of the Oracle of Apollo. The oracle here read the portents depending on the feeding behavior of fish who lived in a pool beside the temple. The many tombs here are probably of the priest oracles who manned the site. There are many visible references to 'Appolon' in the inscriptions. The walk is one of the finest sections of the Lycian way, particularly in the winter season, the colours of the Mosses and flowers adding colour to the mystic setting. Many thanks to Curt Bidinger for the video!

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