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A winter walk into the Lycian Highlands

We were blessed with the bright clear weather which can frequently make winter walking in Lycia a pleasure.

Our trek started from the pass of Kuruova at 1560meters high. We descended on forest tracks lined with Cedar and Juniper, the fresh smells like a soap powder advert. Passing some massively wide oak trees we find the track snake-ing it's way into the Kibris canyon, a nature reserve compelete with Caracal and Ibex. we crossed a slightly exciting wooden bridge over the canyon, water rushing below. What goes down must go up, and we climbed the other side of the valley to the village of Sutlegen ( means Milk Tray, or Euphorbia) to The coffee shop of the Ucar family for tea and the local walnuts, some of the finest anywhere!

#lycianway #trekking #winter #taurusmountains

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