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Lycian Rain on the Water Road ( Aqueduct).

Su yolu.. In Turkish means aqueduct, literally 'water path'. One one winter Sunday we followed the water road from above Kalkan to Delikkemer Siphon, where the water went down and then up again! To avoid a tall arched aqueduct that would have been unstable in this earthquake prone area, the Roman aquarius' came up with a pipe, made of hundreds of hollewd out stones with male and female joins, which put together in line, make a airtight pipe! To avoid massive pressure in the pipe cracking the stones at the bottom of the valley, a wall about 6 meters high was built, and the pipe laid on top. Seems unlikely to work at all, but this system would have run for hundreds of years. While the aqueduct is now dry, we got plenty wet after lunch as we climbed the high hill on the Yali peninsula. At the top, the sun came out and a cool wind dried us out. A hot tea and freshly made cake at St. Nicholas Pensiyon made a perfect end to the day!

Many thanks to Curt Bidinger for the video!


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