Travels In Turkey.

Information and photographs from the some of the most amazing sites.


A major ancient city in the mountains of the Aegean.  Home to a school of sculpture, the site is littered with faces, statues.  A new museum displays the breathtaking skills of the ancient sculptors who learned their craft here and then took them to the far corners of the ancient world. 


Turkey's modern capital city, ancient Ankyra (Meaning Anchor), the term Angora also stems from this city.  Housing the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, and the Mausoleum of Ataturk, Ankara is well worth a visit.


Ancient Sebastia, (Sebastea, Sebasteia, Sebaste), Sivas is an important city of central Turkey.  Famous landmarks are the splendid Selcuk architecture of the Grand Mosque, the Buruciye Medrese and the Twin Minarette Medrese.  Sivas was also home to the Congress of Sivas, in 1919, a turning point of the creation of the Turkish Republic.The name Sebastian means a native of Sivas.

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