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Self Guided Holidays in Turkey

Our Self Guided Trekking Tours, on the East and West Lycian Way, The St. Paul Trail and the Carian Way offer a unique and candid insight into the lands that you pass through. Being in smaller parties, the closeness to nature is palpable. Following generally well marked footpaths with our well tested trip notes, you have the comfort of knowing that there is someone you can call, and that at the end of the trek there your bags will be waiting for you in the friendly hotel at the end of the day.

The Lycian Way is the oldest and foremost of Turkey's Culture Routes. A coastal trek along the stunning and untouched coastline, following ancient routes between the settlements from tiny defensive hamlets to Roman Metropoli. You will meet many of the hospitable local people, and much of the rare flora and fauna of the region. Walking at your own speed, you can enjoy the views as much as you like, spend time photographing the Wild-flowers you may find.



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