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 With the hope of sustaining beauty and peace in nature...

Responsible Travel in Turkey

At Amber Travel we aim to decrease our carbon footprint to the lowest possible level. We educate our staff and suppliers according to our sustainability principals in order to achieve the most most responsible levels possible in every area of our business. We aim to reach the highest level of  involvement by motivating our customers to reduce their negative impact on nature and the sosyo-cultural make up of the area, while at the same time bringing economic benefits to the region.



We are proud members of the Travelife Sustainable Tourism Project and have been certifed to Travelife Partner status. 

Sustainability in all our operations is at the forefront of all our business decisions, ranging from office and personnel management to tour design and accommodation choice. 






- No Internal Flights.  None of our tours contain internal flights.


- Public transport at the forefront.  When there is a useful public transport option available we use it.


- Staff Travel.  We subsidise our staff journeys to work when they walk, bike or take public transport.


- We use family run small hotels, no multinational chains.


- When we use private transfers we do our best to find a fare on the return, if different customers are going to the same place at the same time we combine the vehicles.


- Unlike many of our competitors, we take full payment via the banking system and declare all our earnings for taxation.  We do not take a online depost and the 'cash' on arrival to evade taxation.


-All our staff members are paid via the bank and all thier earnings are fully declared and social insurance is paid accordingly.


- We develop long-term working relationships with our suppliers, based on honesty and trust.  We do not unfairly force down prices or jump to other suppliers entering the market undercutting prices in the short term.


- We do not organise 'School visits' as we consider them to be disruptive and culturally suspect.


- On group tours we provide opportunites to refill bottles rather than buying plastic bottles.






We are also very happy to support the Culture Routes Society, which works to develop and maintain long distance trekking and biking routes connecting areas of cultural interest in Turkey.







Specialists in small group, activity and custom travel in Turkey since 1994 in Kaş/ANTALYA