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Booking Conditions

For direct clients we request a 10% deposit to open a file and make all the bookings, the balance being payable 30 days before the tour starts.

-If the tour is cancelled (by the client) before 30 days of the start of the tour, the deposit is retained but can be transferred to another date within 3 years.

-If the tour is cancelled(by the client) up to 8 days before the tour starts, 40% charge would be made and the 10% deposit would be transferable (so 50% refund).

-Less than 7 days to the start of the tour then no refund would be made and clients should apply to use their insurance, but again 10% deposit could be transferred to a new booking within 3 years.

-If the cancellations are demonstrably related to COVID-19 restrictions that make travel impossible or seriously impractical, then 90% refunds will be applied and the deposit carried forward for 3 years.

-Date changes to the booking can be made once without charge. 

Second and subsequent changes would incur a 5% fee.  Again the fee would be waived if the date changes were due to the pandemic or other force-majeure.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a reservation:

-Up to 30 days before the tour starts all payments would be refunded plus 10% of the tour price as compensation.
- Up to 8 days before the tour stars all monies would be refunded plus 50% of the tour price as compensation.
- Less than 7 days before the tour starts all of the moneys paid would be returned plus 90% of the tour price as compensation.

-If we have to cancel the tour due to force-majeure then only the moneys paid would be refunded.

Should we have to make changes to the accommodation after booking has been confirmed we would offer accommodation at the same exact standard or better than the original, based on the published hotel prices on

For particularly complex bookings or when dealing with premium hotels we reserve the right to increase the rate of the deposit, the date of final payment etc. to offset our levels of risk.  If this is the case we will inform you at the time of booking.

 Trip participation and client responsibility
Customers accept the authority and decisions of our employees, Amber Travel tour leaders and agents whilst on trip with us. If in the opinion of any such person or any other person in a position of authority (such as, for example, an airline pilot or hotel manager), that your health, level of fitness or conduct at any time before or during a trip is endangering or appears likely to endanger your health or wellbeing or of any third party (including any other clients of the Company) or the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the trip, and the
welfare, physical and mental of our other customers and employees and agents, you may be excluded from all or part of the trip without refund or recompense. This inculdes all forms of abusive, threatening, insulting or demeaning behaviour towards our employees, agents or other clients.  Where you are excluded, we will have no further responsibility towards you (including any return travel arrangements) and we will not meet any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the exclusion. I

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