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What we provide:

- Cruising sea-kayak. Double kayaks will be Prijon Excursion with rudders. Single kayaks may be Prijon Calabria 4.5, Rainbow Oasis 430  or Rainbow Lazer 5.1 click for reviews.

- Spray skirts and PDF.

- Paddle and collapsible spare paddle.

- Emergency smoke flares. 

- First-aid kit.

- 2 x 19lt drybags per person.

- Tow belt if multiple kayaks.

- Dome tent, camping mat, suitable sleeping bag for season.

- Gas stove, lighter, and cooking set.

- Head torch.

- 10lt drinking water in a collapsible tank.

- Maps and kayaking instructions.

- 2 lunch packages, 1 dinner package, paper napkins.

What you should bring:

- Long sleeve tops or rashstop vests.

- Good sunhat and sunglasses with lanyard.

- High factor water resistant suncream.

- Refillable water bottle.

- Swimming gear.

- Warmer clothes for evening.

- Wet and dry shoes, small towel.

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