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St. Paul Trail.  The Koprulu Canyon and Roman Bridges.

Taking its name from the Roman Bridge still in use ( Koprulu means 'with the bridge' )  This impressive canyon is one of the many in the area but one of the few that has a permanent supply of cool clear water, all year round.

At the mouth of the canyon you can try white water rafting, the rapids downstream are moderate, great for beginners.

There are actually two ancient bridges, the most famous being at the canyon mouth, there is also another at a secondary canyon, just downstream.

The Koprucay (Bridge Stream) begins in a small lake between the great lakes of Egirdir and Beysehir and is now a significant source of hydro-electric power for the area.  The river passes near to Aspendos before entering the sea near the golf courses of Belek.

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