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Tickets on the Van - Tebriz - Tehran Train that connects Turkey and Iran. (NOT RUNNING AT PRESENT)

Van Train Station on Turkey Iran railway

The Train.

The train runs every Monday night from Van (Turkey) to Tebriz and Tehran  (Iran), and every Sunday from Tehran/Tebriz to Van.  

Train departs from Van at 21:00, arrives in Tebriz at 07:45, Tehran at 18:20


From Tehran at 09:30 and from Tebriz the train departs at 22:30 and arrives to Van at 07:30

Turkey Iran Sleeper Wagon

The Wagons

The train is made up of 6 person couchettes, simple padded bunks.

There are toilets at each end of the wagon.

This is an Iranian train, not quite so comfortable as Turkish Trains.

Single travellers are put with members of the same sex.

Couchette wagon on Van Tabriz train

Buying Tickets

You can only buy tickets from the station in Van or Tebriz.


We can help you by buying tickets from Van - Tebriz in advance and delivering them to your hotel in Van. 

We charge 26,60€ Van- Tebriz and 53,20€ Van - Tehran per ticket for this service. 

WE CANNOT provide tickets from Tebriz/Tabriz to Van.

Iranian Train at Lake Van

Private berth

If you want a guaranteed private cabin, we must buy the empty  berths at full price as well.


For example for a couple wanting a private cabin you would pay 26,60€ x 4 =106,40€

To Tehran the price would be doubled.


Thanks! Message sent.

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