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UNESCO site Divrigi Great Mosque

The Great Mosque and Hospital complex in Divrigi.

Edirne bridge UNESCO WH site

The Meric Bridge in Edirne, ancient Hadrianapolis.

The Tomb of Mevlana Rumi UNESCO list

The Tomb of Celalettin Rumi Mevlana, Konya. Founder of the Sufi Dervish Order, the Whirling Dervishes.

travertines of UNESCO site Pamukkale

The unique 'Frozen Waterfall' of Pamukkale

Ishakpasa palace Dogubeyazit UNESCO

The baroque-rococo palace of Ishakpasa on the Iranian border under Mt Ararat.

Nemrut Crater Lake

One of the largest crater lakes in the world, Lake Nemrut.

Acropolis Theatre Pergamon UNESCO

The steep theatre perched on the acropolis of Pergamon.

diyarbakir UNESCO Worldheritage tour

The basalt built Ulucami, the Great Mosque of Diyarbakır.

Gobekli tepe near Urfa in Turkey

Gobekli tepe Turkey's Newest UNESCO site

Ani Mosque on UNESCO site tour

The Oldest Mosque in Anatolia, in Ani, the unforgettable Armenian city.

Harpy tomb in UNESCO site Xanthos

The Harpy Tomb in Xanthos (C) Curt Bidinger

Hattusas Sphynx gate UNESCO Tour

The Sphinx Gate at Hittite capital Hattutas.

Safranbolu UNESCO trading city

An archetypal Ottoman trading town on the caravan route. Visit the different quarters run by the different religious communities.

Mt. Nemrut Unesco

The Mysterious Stone Heads at the Summit of Mt. Nemrut

Tour Catalhoyuk Neolishic UNESCO WH

The Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk is thought to be the world's oldest settlement.

Tour total The Blue Mosque UNESCO

Istanbul Sultan Ahmet Mosque. The famed Blue Mosque, named for the blue Iznik tiles inside

Theodosian walls of Constantinople

The Theodosian walls of Constantinople. The massive land walls stretch for 6.5km.

Ephesus library UNESCO tour

The Library of Celsus, Ephesus

love valley cappadocia UNESCO tour

The strangely eroded tufa columns with basalt caps, one of the symbols of Cappadocia.

Chora church UNESCO tour Turk

The golden mosaics of the Byzantine dome of the Church of the Chora. Some of the finest Byzantine decorations anywhere.

UNESCO site of Hierapolis tour

The fine theatre of Hierapolis, part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Trojan Horse on UNESCO total tour

The horse that was used in the film, now in Canakkale centre

aphrodisias World Heritage site

The Propylon of Aphrodisias, recently awarded UNESCO world Heritage Site status

Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Complete Tour.

Turkey. Anatolia. The Bridge. The Connection. The Link. The Gateway between East and West. Bearing traces of all the civilisations that have been nurtured on this most varied and hospitable of lands. Providing a homeland to  Hittites, Sumerians, Lydians, Trojans, Ionians, Persians, Urartians, Hellenes, Lycians, Galatians, Phrygians, Romans, Armenians, Crusaders, Byzantines, Seljuks and the Ottomans. No land can claim a richer cultural heritage.


Visiting all 17 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and 5 on the tentative list, this private journey is a unique and unforgettable journey.  Using expert local guides and public transport whenever practical, this tour provides a deep and privileged insight into this richest of lands.


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