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Views of a trek in Cappadocia

Astonishing Landscape

Cave Walk Trek in Cappadocia

Visit the cave complexes of this unique landscape

Family Trek in Cappadocia

Hiking suitable for families

Hiking Love Valley in Cappadocia

Suitable for solo trekkers too.

hiking holiday in Love Valley Cappadocia

The unforgettable Love Valley

Rose Valley Cappadocia self guide trek

Wonder through Rose Valley

Trekking holiday in Cappadocia Turkey

The Breathtaking White Valley

Trek in Melendiz Valley

Not like anywhere else

Balloons over Cappadocia trekking week

With the chance to take to the air too.

individual trekking week cappadocia solo

Deserted trails from one view to another

Self Guided Trekking Week 
Highlights of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a spectacular and unique region of the world,  formed by the ash of 2 volcanoes, Mt Argeus and Mt Hasan,  as it hardened to Tufa rock,  the millennia of erosion by wind and water left valleys and stacks and the many centuries of humans who sheltered here left underground cities, painted cave churches and dovecots for us to discover.


The amazing 'fairy chimneys' stand as silent sentinels at the edge of the valleys that harbour so much life,  protected from the beating sun of summer and the freezing winds of winter, the valleys have always been a sanctuary for the people of the area,  the stacks becoming castles, and underground cities hiding whole communities from the Arab raiders, also being sanctuary for early Christians during the times of persecution.

The treks are moderate, the nature of the rocks makes for great clear footpaths,  with stunning views and surprises around every corner.

You will be provided with detailed graphical tour notes and GPS files for the route and transfers. We will transfer your bags between the hotels so you just walk with day-pack.

Our accommodations vary from boutique hotels to simple village pensions, all with en suite facilities.


Our staff are available 24 hours to help you all along the way in this strange land at the heart of Turkey!

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