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In 46 A.D. Paul of Tarsus embarked on his first missionary journey, walking with Barnabus and John Mark, they travelled from Antioch Ad Orontes ( modern Antakya in Turkey) to Perge by sea and then into the highlands of the Taurus Mountains; their target being Antioch in Pisidia (modern Yalvaç), an important Roman Settlement he visited twice on the journey. 


His sermons received great interest and Paul became the most prolific of the writers of the New Testament, with 13 of the 27 books attributed to him.


The St Paul Trail was inaugurated in 2004 by Kate Clow, the trail follows in footsteps of the apostle, and is way-marked to Grand Randonee standards.


Our route takes in some of the finest landscapes of the region, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of flora as well as fascinating archaeology.


Our tour also visits some of the finest archaeological sites in the area including Sagalassos, Antioch in Pisidia (optional), Adada, Selge and Aspendos. You will have the chance to enjoy, in a most unobtrusive way, the gentle hospitality and cuisine of the local people.

You will be provided with detailed graphical tour notes and GPS files for the route and transfers. We will transfer your bags between the hotels so you just walk with day-pack.

Our accommodations vary from boutique hotels to simple village pensions, all with en suite facilities.


Our staff are available 24 hours to help you along the Camino of Turkey!

St Paul Trail Map
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