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Trekking on the Lycian Way, the oldest and foremost of Turkey's Culture Routes. A coastal trek along the stunning and untouched coastline, following ancient routes between settlements from tiny defensive hamlets to Roman Metropoli.  Walk past Greek ghost towns, mysterious Lycian Sarcophagii, Sheer Sea Cliffs, locally endemic Orchids, 18 km long untouched stretches of Golden sand where the Loggerhead Turtles nest, the world's first Federal Parliament chamber, lively cosmopolitan resorts like Kas, Sunken Cities, Eternal Flames, the home of Father Christmas...  The Lycian Way has it all.  And with Amber Travel, your bags will be carried to the hotel at the end of the trek!


With GPS points, detailed graphical trekking notes, transfers to and from treks, and all bag transfers are included in our packages.  You just carry water and your picnic, our notes make navigation straightforward when you arrive at the accommodation your bags are waiting for you!


Our Self Guided trekking tours take in the highlights of the East and West Lycian Way.  

The Lycian Way offers a unique and candid insight into the lands that you pass through. Being in smaller parties, the closeness to nature is palpable. Following generally well marked footpaths with our well tested trip notes, you have the comfort of knowing that there is someone you can call, and that at the end of the trek your bags will be waiting for you in the friendly hotel chosen to be trekker-friendly.

We organise 2 standard week-long tours on the Lycian Way,  one shows the coastal and archeological highlights of the Western section between Kayakoy and Patara,  the Eastern trip  has longer walks interspersed with rest days for those who love the beaches .    

The Western walks are shorter, but steeper, reflecting the rugged terrain that gives the area it's beauty.

The Eastern walks are generally longer but with less ascent, closer to the sea, allowing more swimming.

Both treks can be arranged with basic or more comfortable accommodation to suit your budget.

Have a look at the map of the Lycian Way and details and fotos of each section  by clicking here.

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Western Lycian Way

Lycian Way West Map

Eastern Lycian Way

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Lycian Way East Map

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