Mosaic On Lycian Way
Spring Flowers on Lycian Way
Oludeniz from Lycian way
Kaputas beach between Kas and Kalkan
Rare Orchids on Lycian Way
Gelidonya Lighthouse on Lycian Way
Mt Moses on Lycian Way
Lycian Way Island Tekirova  Cirali
Adrasan from Lycian Way

The Lycian Way. Self Guided Tours.

Trekking on the Lycian Way, the oldest and foremost of Turkey's Culture Routes. A coastal trek along the stunning and untouched coastline, following ancient routes between settlements from tiny defensive hamlets to Roman Metropoli.  Walk past Greek ghost towns, mysterious Lycian Sarcophagii, Sheer Sea Cliffs, locally endemic Orchids, 18 km long untouched stretches of Golden sand where the Loggerhead Turtles nest, the world's first Federal Parliament chamber, lively cosmopolitan resorts like Kas, Sunken Cities, Eternal Flames, the home of Father Christmas...  The Lycian Way has it allAnd with Amber Travel, your bags will be carried to the hotel at the end of the trek!







With GPS points, detailed graphical trekking notes, transfers to and from treks, and all bag transfers are included in our packages.  You just carry water and your picnic, our notes make navigation straightforward when you arrive at the accommodation your bags are waiting for you!


Our Self Guided trekking tours take in the highlights of the East and West Lycian Way.  

The Lycian Way offers a unique and candid insight into the lands that you pass through. Being in smaller parties, the closeness to nature is palpable. Following generally well marked footpaths with our well tested trip notes, you have the comfort of knowing that there is someone you can call, and that at the end of the trek your bags will be waiting for you in the friendly hotel chosen to be trekker-friendly.

We organise 2 standard week-long tours on the Lycian Way,  one shows the coastal and Archeological highlights of the Western section between Kayakoy and Patara,  the Eastern trip  has longer walks interspersed with rest days for those who love the beaches .    

The Western walks are shorter, but steeper, reflecting the rugged terrain that gives the area it's beauty.

The Eastern walks are generally longer but with less ascent, closer to the sea, allowing more swimming.

Both treks can be arranged with basic or more comfortable accommodation to suit your budget.

Have a look at the map of the Lycian Way and details and fotos of each section  by clicking here.





The West Lycian Way














































































































The East Lycian Way


EAST LYCIAN WAY. Day 1.  Arrive Antalya Airport.

Our driver will meet you straight from the arrivals terminal and you will be taken directly to the old walled town of Antalya.  You will find your pack of detailed trekking notes on arrival at the hotel.  Depending on your arrival time you may have time to wonder the cobbled streets and take a traditional Turkish Bath to get your trekking muscles ready for Lycia.  There are many bars and restaurants to enjoy your first night in Turkey.  Boutique Hotel BB basis.

See Map of the Lycian Way.

Day 2. Trek Tekirova to Cirali via Maden Beach.

After a healthy and tasty Turkish breakfast, nip out to the local shop to buy your picnic.  Your driver will be waiting for you to take you to the start of the trekking at the entrance to the Olympos National Park.  Today's trek follows the coast between secluded coves and rocky points, all under the watchful eye of towering My Olympos above.  A long but fairly gentle walk with many opportunities for a swim.  The path is clear road till the  abandoned chrome mines of Maden beach, where the footpath narrows, taking you to the final stretch of beach at Cirali, where you will walk straight to the hotel.  19KM. Bed and Breakfast basis in accommodation. 

Day 3. Visit the site of Olympos and the Eternal Flame.

A relaxing day where you can stroll along the beach to visit the site of Olympos, with some wonderful Roman period buildings and Lycian Tombs hidden in the thick Jungle.  Evening is best spent appreciating the 'Chimera', an natural phenomenon where gas seeps out of the rocks, to create this eternal flame.  The ancients believed this was the remains of a fire breathing monster, the Chimera, slain by Bellerophon and Pegasus. Bed and Breakfast basis in accommodation.

Day 4. Cirali - Adrasan Bay.

Walking straight from your hotel, you follow the beach to Olympos and start to climb Mt. Moses ( Musa Dağı).  The climb takes you through the strange Strawberry tree (Arbutus Andrachne) forests, the rippling trunks with smooth bark like the arms of Hercules.  At the pass, you can visit the site of Phoenikos, undisturbed by archeologists. Following a stream we descend to the citrus groves of Adrasan. 16KM. Bed and Breakfast basis in accommodation.

Day 5. Optional treks or relaxation in Adrasan Bay.

To enjoy your time in this peaceful beach resort best, we provide you with 3 trekking options, the fourth option would be to just stay on the beach and absorb some sun! Bed and Breakfast basis in accommodation.

Day 6. Trek from Adrasan to Melanippe via the Gelidonya Point and Lighthouse.

 The trek from Adrasan to Melanippe via Gelidonya is considered one of the highlights of the Lycian Way, taking yo a long way from the nearest  road through truly untouched coastal forest.  Reaching the crest of Cape Gelidonya, you descend to the iconic lighthouse that has saved many lives of sailors as they pass this dangerous point.  The trek continues on to Melanippe cove, thought to be a hideout of pirates, from where we transfer you to Demre. 18Km walk  Overnight in hotel with dinner and breakfast.

Day 7. A choice of the historical sites of Demre followed by a trek via Istlada ancient city to Simena.

You have the opportunity this morning to visit the Church of St. Nicholas -  the famed Father Christmas.  Nicholas was a Lycian bishop of Myra, the one time capital of Lycia.  He was famed for kindness to orphans and the poor, frequently giving anonymous gifts by throwing money down chimneys.  He was however, a serious theologian and was at the council of Nicea in 325AD, when the tenets of the Christian church were agreed upon.  You will have time to visit his church and also the site of Myra, with its impressive theater and rock tombs, before transferring to the start of your last walk.  You will walk from Kapakli village to the sound of Kekova, passing the castle of Simena, surely one of the most picturesque anywhere.  You descend through the protected village of Simena to your seaside accommodation in this car-free village, not connected by road. 9KM.  Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Day 8. Boat from Simena to Ucagiz village. Transfer to Antalya or Dalaman airport.

Day 8.  Depending on your flight time, we will pick you up with a boat and bring you to the village of Ucagiz, from where we transfer you back to the airport of Antalya or Dalaman.

Hotels and Prices

Standard Accommodation Package:

Antalya - Atelya Art Hotel 1 night BB

Cirali - Karakuş or Alican Pansiyon 2 nights BB

Adrasan - Deniz Hotel 2 nights BB

Demre - Winecity Hotel  1 night HB (Dinner, breakfast)

Simena - Mehtap Pansiyon 1 night BB

Price per Person based on 2 sharing a room is 410€

Price for 1 Person in a single room is 600€


 Upper Accommodation Package:

Antalya - Minyon Boutique Hotel 1 night BB

Cirali - Odile Hotel 2 nights BB

Adrasan - Papirus Hotel 2 nights BB

Demre - Beymelek Stone Houses 1 night HB (Dinner, breakfast)

Simena - Ankh Pansiyon Deluxe room 1 night BB

Price per Person based on 2 sharing a room is 550€

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Day 1. Transfer from Dalaman to Fethiye.

Day 1. We will meet you at Dalaman airport or at the bus station of Fethiye and take you in a private transfer to Kayakoy, this fertile valley nestled in the hills above Fethiye.  If you have an early flight you will enjoy wondering the village and perhaps visit the 'Ghost town' of Karmylassos, abandoned in 1923.

Hotel has aircon and swimming pool. 

See Map of the Lycian Way.

Day 2. Visit the ghost town of Kayakoy and then trek to Oludeniz.

Day 2.  After a relaxing long breakfast by the pool, walk up to the abandoned Greek village, nestled in a curve in the hillside with its chapels and windmills, before starting your first trekking day of the week. Cresting the hill above Kayakoy, you start the descent with magnificent untouched sea views as you begin your walking holiday descending to the famous lagoon of Ölüdeniz, where you will have ample time to enjoy a swim and cold drink before taking a local bus back to Kayakoy at your leisure Approx 10 KM walking. 

Day 3. Ovacik to Faralya ( Butterfly Valley)

Leaving  Kayaköy, we transfer you to the official start of the Lycian Way above Ovacik.  Gentrly rising at the start, the path gets steeper as the views get even more stunning, you will see many paragliders soaring above vying for the same views you can trek to.  Refilling our water bottles at the gushing spring at Kabaagac village, site of an amazing rockfall, you start to descend to Faralya,  a village perched at the edge of the sheer cliffs of fjord-like butterfly valley.  After a well deserved swim in the pool and the obligatory sunset viewing, included dinner is served in our friendly guesthouse. Trekking approx 16 KM. See more pictures and terrain here

Day 4. Faralya - Kabak. Coastal Route

Walking straight from the trekking lodge, your route today follows the pristine coastal cliffs and coves between Butterfly valley and Kabak Beach.  The trek is well shaded by the natural red pine forests.  There is a swimming stop at the remote cove of Aktas.    Dinner is provided in accommodation. 9 KM approx. See more pictures and terrain here.

Day 5. Kabak - Alinca - Gey. Walk of the Seven Capes.

What seems like an impossible journey from the valley of Kabak to the east capes, is actually a excellent mule track that treks up through the forests and escarpments to the watershed at Alinca.  Probably the most spectacular this coastal trek offers can be found from here, as you enjoy a coffee.  Continuing along this visual feast we arrive in the simple village of Gey, perched in a spectacular spot, this village is like a journey back in time. 14KM.  See more photos and terrain map here

Day 6. Trek Gey to Sidyma, then transfer to Patara, optional visit to Xanthos.

Trek from Gey to Sidyma.  Zigzagging up above the village, you appreciate the work that has gone into the terraced fields that fed this once populous village.  Ascending over the hard karstic pass you enter a lush valley that takes you all the way to the ancient city of Sidyma, romantically nestled among the still inhabited village. Visit the site with scattered tombs and temples intertwined with the village houses.

Before you leave take a tea with the locals opposite the mosque,  but don't forget to look for the ancient stone that bears the names of the ancient gods of Olimpos high in the wall of the mosque, before we drive you on to Patara. You stay in family run accommodation, and you are free to choose a restaurant or eat in the accommodation. Trekking 10KM.  See more photos and details here

Day 7. Aqueduct walk to the Lycian capital city - Patara.

We drive you the short distance to Delikkemer, the fascinating Roman water siphon, part of the aqueduct system that you will be following as you trek to the Roman capital of Lycia Province, with Bathhouses, Ceremonial Arches, Temples and Theatre. The most fascinating building is the recently renovated Parliament chamber, where the Lycian assembly met. After sightseeing you can continue on to the 16km stretch of undeveloped sand that is Patara Beach. 10KM. See route and pictures here.

Day 8. Leave Patara and transfer to Dalaman.

The tour includes:

3 Picnics

3 Dinners

All Baggage transfers (you just trek with a day pack!)

Transport and insurance.

Not included:

Non-specified lunches.


Gratuities to drivers and hotels.

Hotels and Prices

Standard Accommodation Package:

Kayaköy - Muzzy's Hotel 2 nights BB

Faralya - George House 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Kabak - Shiva Camp 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Gey - Ramazan Pansiyon 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Patara - St. Nicholas Pansiyon 2 nights BB

Price per Person based on 2 sharing a room is 370€

Price for 1 Person in a single room is 430€

Upper Accommodation Package:

Kayaköy - Villa Rhapsody 2 nights BB

Faralya - Montenegro 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Kabak - Armes Hotel 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Gey - The Lighthouse Hotel 1 night FB (Dinner, breakfast and picnic for trek)

Patara - Delfin Hotel 2 nights BB

Price per Person based on 2 sharing a room is 490€

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